Rentee Guarantee

Rentee is aiming to be a safe space for peer-to-peer renting. So don’t worry, Rentee has you covered. Your item is covered by our Basic insurance up to 3,000 HRK. You can also use our Premium insurance and protect your item up to 10,000 HRK. If you decide to use your own insurance for an item listed on our platform let us know that before listing your item.

Basic Insurance

With Basic insurance your item is cover up to 3,000 HRK. Basic insurance is free and is available for all items listed on Rentee platform. 

Premium Insurance

With Premium insurance your item is covered up to 10,000 HRK. Premium insurance is valued depending on price of your item and is paid once you decide to upgrade your insurance to Premium level.

Does you item qualify for our insurance?

To make sure your item qualifies for our insurance and to insure you get the best coverage, make sure you:

  • Verified your account to the highest degree (meaning you provided evidence of your identity)
  • Have evidence that you are the owner of listed item
  • Take photos and videos of your item as evidence that it is functional less than 24h before renting it out

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